Woman of the Year

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Woman of the Year

This is Part 2 of The Summer of Hank! #summerofhank

The Summer of Hank continues!

In this episode Kelly and Mark break down so many things, we hope you enjoy this episode!

“Beatrice Cartwright comes to town because Dr. Mike was nominated as Colorado’s Woman Year. The citizens of Colorado Springs take this as an opportunity to praise Dr. Mike and all her accomplishments, resulting in Dr. Mike feeling pressure to live up to their expectations.
Meanwhile, Mrs. Ilsa Lawsenstrom, Hank’s beloved grandmother, makes a surprise visit to town to visit him, and he’s determined to hide the fact that he’s unmarried and runs the saloon. He goes so far as to get Horace and Myra to agree to let him pretend he’s Horace and married to Myra.”

The Woman of the Year originally aired on April 6, 1996

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