Bonus Episode: An Interview with Shawn Toovey

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Bonus Episode: An Interview with Shawn Toovey


Shawn Toovey played Brian Cooper on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.  Shawn was kind enough to speak with Kelly and Mark about his time on DQMW and all of the things he has been up to since.

Brian discusses:
  • His personal experience with recently watching the series with his family 
  • Would he be interested in revisiting his character in a possible reboot?
  • Memories from the set
  • and more!
Thank you Shawn for taking the time to speak with us! It was a real honor!

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2 thoughts on “Bonus Episode: An Interview with Shawn Toovey

  • I love this, waiting on a reboot. I love Brian on the show.

  • In the opening (I think beginning in season 3), there’s a scene with young Brian – in his blue and black checkered shirt – holding a stick and Sully bending down talking with him, stick in hand, too. Did this scene come from an actual episode or was it made just for the opening? If so, which one?


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