Luck of the Draw

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Luck of the Draw


What happens when Matthew runs out of money just as Eddie Vedder—uh, Julius—rolls into town for a high stakes poker tournament? If your answer is that Matthew becomes both a sarsaparilla and a poker addict, you are correct! Good thing the Reverend knows about Julius’s tricky ways.

  • Does Micheala overstep her bounds in controlling Matthew’s life?
  • Does Ingrid overreact?
  • How about that sassssssaparilla?
  • Wouldn’t a trip to Las Vegas with Hank and the gang be a blast?

Have a sarsaparilla (or whiskey—your choice) and cut the deck! Join Kelly and Mark as they explore these questions and more—especially the Reverend’s interesting character development—in this action packed and unforgettable episode of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman!

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