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Dr. QuinnCast: The Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Podcast

Fevers! Quinine! Cheyenne Herbal Tea!

In this episode, Kelly and Mark discuss the first “regular” (post-pilot movie) episode of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. This action-packed episode full of relatable references explores Micheala’s budding motherly attempts, family tensions, and of course the simmering attractions between Dr. Mike and Sully—all against the backdrop of a raging influenza epidemic in Colorado Springs!
  • Which character embodies qualities of the Fonz and Jim Morrison?
  • Which character looks like the singer for a 90’s grunge band?
  • Did you think that Dr. Quinn, the Fonz, Jim Morrison, and the 90’s grunge scene embodied different universes than Dr. Quinn?
Follow along as Kelly and Mark connect those dots in their review of this unforgettable episode!

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