The Dr. QuinnCast Podcast Teaser is Live!

Dr. QuinnCast: The Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Podcast
The Dr. QuinnCast Podcast Teaser is Live!

Kelly and Mark have been working very hard to create a podcast that captures the charm and appeal of the television show, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman!  Here is a short teaser to give you an idea of what you can expect in the future!

We hope you Enjoy!

One thought on “The Dr. QuinnCast Podcast Teaser is Live!

  • Cheryl Mills

    You guys are kind of harsh. I feel like you are making fun. The Cheyenne provide very valid wisdom, and you guys are rolling your eyes.
    Please do better, if you want to come along side the fans, as we take these characters seriously, and have come to understand and respect them, and not judge them.
    Thanks, for your interest in DQMW.


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