Bonus Episode: An Interview with Jennifer Youngs

Dr. QuinnCast: The Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Podcast
Bonus Episode: An Interview with Jennifer Youngs


Jennifer Youngs played the lovely Ingrid on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.  Jennifer was kind enough to speak with Kelly and Mark about her time on DQMW and all of the things she has been up to since.

Jennifer discusses:
  • How Jane Seymour got hands-on to make Ingrid more haggard 
  • Her audition and time on the set with her very own “wolf”
  • Memories from the set
  • and more!
Thank you Jennifer for taking the time to speak with us!  If you would like to check out what Jennifer is up to you can check out her music here:

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4 thoughts on “Bonus Episode: An Interview with Jennifer Youngs

  • Loved the interview. And I agree; I would’ve liked better to see them start a family.

  • Star Child

    I just listened to the podcast with Jennifer. Tears filled my eyes as she talked about her character being killed off.

    I’m not very tech savvy but do everything to listen. Keep up the great work.


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