Bonus Episode: An Interview with Beth Sullivan

Dr. QuinnCast: The Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Podcast
Bonus Episode: An Interview with Beth Sullivan


Beth Sullivan, creator and executive producer of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman recently kindly took the time to speak with us and we are very excited to present this interview to our listeners!

Beth discusses:
  • The Creation of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
  • The Characters and where they came from
  • Memories from the set
  • and more!
We both had so much fun listening to all Beth had to say and we hope you enjoy it as well!

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11 thoughts on “Bonus Episode: An Interview with Beth Sullivan

  • Elena Ambros

    I just heard the interview with Beth Sullivan… Loved it! Thank you for this podcast. Well done.

  • Herika Konrad

    Such a great podcast. So good to listen to Beth again. Thank you 🙏- oh to have that show again♥️ – Herika (Erika) K

  • Alejandra Mota

    Excellent interview. I enjoyed listening to Beth and how she developed the show.

  • Esther Mizell

    I Love the interview on the Podcast! Awesome!

  • Yes you are a very powerful writer I love Dr Quinn the show there is not many shows that makes you feel meaning you like to be there please bring the show back so we can enjoy what we like best Dr Quinn Medicine woman

  • Laura Ganz

    LOVE this podcast. Thank you for your time that you put in to it to create it this show (Beth Sullivan) and to this podcast as well.
    I did watch Dr Quinn back in Romania 30 years ago at age 16. I just re-watch it not to long ago on Amazon prime and the 2 movies as well. I love this show, please bring it back if is possible.
    Was even more interesting to re-watch it now as an adult. Thank you for creating such a beautiful, educational time period show. I just wish they were more on the market like this one.


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