All that Glitters

Dr. QuinnCast: The Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Podcast
Dr. QuinnCast: The Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Podcast
All that Glitters

Kelly and Mark review this episode and of course discuss their favorite Matthew girlfriend.  It’s fun to watch Jake trying to get close to Gilda and we discuss all types of fun things!  We hope we can point out some stuff you haven’t noticed before!

“Colleen comes home for a visit in the company of Gilda St. Clair, an internationally renowned singer. Gilda has a life-threatening throat ailment, but is doing what she can to keep it a secret. While she’s in town, She hires Emma to make her a dress, and Jake tries to get close to her. Colleen is also considering giving up college to be Gilda’s travel companion due to finding college to be more difficult then she expected. Something Dr. Mike doesn’t approve of.”

All that Glitters originally aired on October 21, 1996

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