The First Circle

Dr. QuinnCast: The Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Podcast
Dr. QuinnCast: The Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Podcast
The First Circle
Summer is practically over! In our most requested episode to review, Kelly and Mark dive deeply into the “KKK Episode” and although neither of us would say this is exactly an, ‘enjoyable’ episode, it certainly made an impact and made us both cry.  We point out some key moments from Hank and explain why it is important to include this episode as the (nearly) final episode in the Summer of Hank collection!
“Jedediah Bancroft, a Denver banker, returns to town to sell homes. When he accepts the winning bid on a home, not knowing it was Robert E. Jedediah first accepts the $700 bid, but then refuses to accept Grace and Robert E.’s money because they’re colored. Michaela defends Grace and Robert E. to Jedediah who finally accepts their money, but he isn’t happy about it. Jedediah sets out to do everything in his power to include having Dr. Mike tell Robert E. that the banker will buy back the property with 10% profit, and recruiting men of the town into the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). Jedediah also has the men of his KKK branch destroy Grace’s Café, cut Grace’s hair off, setting loose Robert E.’s horses, beating up Robert E. at his livery, and threatening to hang Robert E. Matthew, Sully, Brian,Colleen, and Dr. Mike take up the fight against the KKK’s violence along side Robert E. and Grace; resulting in a cross being burned at the homestead, and Jedediah threatening the Cooper children at Hank’s saloon. Loren decides to help Grace and Robert E. to move in after the KKK tries to hang Robert E.”
The First Circle originally aired on March 26, 1994

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